Song of the is the largest web site dedicated to Walt Disney's Classic 1946 production "Song of the South." You won't find more information on this film anywhere else.

All the general information on Song of the South can be found here, personally researched. Biographies, song lyrics, movie synopsis, origin and background, complete cast and credits, and a picture/audio archive makes this section an invaluable historical resource.


Collectors and nostalgia seekers alike can appreciate this section. Over 75 items from my personal collection are in the process of being posted to make the most complete collection of Song of the South memorabilia available on display to the public. Also, a new Store where you can purchase memorabilia for yourself!


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Did you ever wish your kids could read those same classic tales you grew up with? From the Tar Baby to the Laughing Place, you'll be able to read those same Walt Disney adaptations of the original Joel Chandler Harris stories that boosted Song of the South's popularity for over 40 years.

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Currently the only source of survival for Song of the South today, the popular Disney theme park ride Splash Mountain is featured here. Its theme based upon Song of the South's cartoon sequences, this is an attraction generations of today can appreciate.  

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