Song of the South Memorabilia is broken up into six main categories:

78, 33, 45 rpm records and tapes released under Capitol, Disneyland, Golden and other miscellaneous record labels.

39 items posted, spanning 1946 to 1980.

(2 NEW items posted January 9, 2001.)

Books published by Disney and the Golden Press;
comic books; foreign books.

30 items posted, spanning 1946 to 1992.

(7 NEW items posted January 13, 2001.)

Movie posters, lobby cards/front-of-house sets, pressbooks/press kits, and reel-to-reel film.

5 items posted, spanning all release dates.

(1 NEW item posted January 13, 2001.)

American, Canadian, Australian, and British editions.

10 items posted. (19 items known).

Figurines, games, stuffed animals.

1 item posted.


Stamps, souveniers, other miscellaneous items.

Undergoing Development.




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