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Welcome! This section is a central hub for fans of Song of the South. Here's where you can find links to other web sites to keep in touch with other fans through message boards and groups, share your opinions on this movie, and rate/vote for the movie.

Community Poll

Which Uncle Remus story is your favorite in Song of the South?

Running Away
The Tar Baby
The Laughing Place

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Message Boards and Groups

The following web sites allow you to chat and discuss Song of the South and related subjects:

Facebook – At the suggestion of many readers, Song of the South now has a presence on Facebook, in an effort to spread the word about Disney's Academy Award winning and controversial movie.

Song of the South Enthusiasts Group – This is a Yahoo group I created for fans of the movie that want to discuss this film and be kept updated with recent news. Includes polls and picture albums.

Song of the South Fan Art - Are you a fan of Brer Rabbit, Brer Bear, Brer Fox, or just Song of the South in general? Do you like to draw? Send me your picture and I'll post it!

IMDb Song of the South Message Board – The Internet Movie Database hosts a free message board to discuss the movie. (Free registration is required.)

Ratings and Reviews

The following web sites have systems that you can vote for and rate Song of the South, as well as leave reviews and comments about the movie.

IMDb – Vote for the movie and share your comments. (Free registration required.)

Turner Classic Movies – Vote for this movie's release and create your own user review.

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