Fuson FDC Cachet (2001)


Fuson FDC Cachet [Unofficial]

Production Date 

February 1, 2001

 Limited Edition 



First Day of Issue of A.B.Frost, illustrator of the original Joel Chandler Harris Uncle Remus books. Stamp released by the PSA as part of the American Illustrators Classic Collection series. Older Walt Disney stamp was added by Fuson.

Cachet created by Bonnie Fuson. Hand signed and limited to an edition of 10 on reverse of envelope. Biography snippet of A.B.Frost also on reverse.

Variations  Multiple cachets depicting different scenes from Song of the South are known to have been produced by Fuson. One example of the series is shown above.


Although by default this FDC would not be related to Disney's Song of the South, Fuson took this opportunity to produce cachets depicting scenes from the film. It is therefore listed here as an "unofficial" collectible; meaning, it was not released by Disney, but is still a Song of the South collectible by nature, being a limited edition.

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