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 Title  Brer Rabbit Plays a Trick
 Year  1950
 Country  USA
 Description  Tiny Golden Book, first cover design. Staplebound, 22 pages, full color. Dimensions: 2" x 3". This book was often part of a set of several Disney books.
 Publisher  Simon & Schuster
 Synopsis/Contents  Brer Fox and Bear set a trap for Brer Rabbit. Sure enough, he falls into it and they plan to roast him. Brer Rabbit says that it's too bad, because that night he was going to show them where a big pot of gold lay. So they decide to make him show them. Brer Rabbit takes them to the old mill pond with the full moon shining above, the water glittering with gold. Brer Fox and Bear jump in after the "gold" and Brer Rabbit escapes.
 Variations  First Printing: No number, no printing information. Printing C: "28" in a black circle on the cover.
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First Printing

Printing C: "28" in a black circle on the cover.

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