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 Title  Br'er Rabbit Outwits Br'er Fox
 Year  1947
 Country  USA
 Description  One of two Brer Rabbit comics available through Cheerios. Originally available in sets of four (this particular comic being the third in the "X" series), you would send in the order form on the box top plus 10¢ and receive the set. Staplebound, 30 pages, four color.
 Publisher  Cheerios X-3
 Synopsis/Contents  Brer Fox passes by Brer Rabbit, about to go repair the roof of Boss Lion's house. In his lunch basket he has a jar of huckleberry jam, and Brer Rabbit devises a plan, offering to help. As they begin work, Brer Rabbit slips off and steals some of the jam. He repeats this until it's all gone. Brer Fox realizes he's been tricked just as Brer Rabbit rushes home to get ready for Sis Goose's birthday party that night. Brer Fox lays in wait for him and, seeing the plan, Brer Rabbit acts deathly ill. So Brer Fox offers to carry him horseback until they get to the bridge, where Brer Fox plans to drown him. Brer Rabbit hops on and digs a pair of hidden spurs into the fox and rides him all the way to the party.
 Variations  Specimens have also been found with no Cheerios markings. Instead, the back of comic book simply reads "Compliments of Kinney's Shoe Store". Apparently, these were also used as gifts for the aforementioned store.
 Original Price  10¢
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