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After the civil rights movement of the 1960's, Song of the South came out again for Walt Disney's 50th anniversary. In 1973, the film was paired up with the Aristocats as a double feature. Touting a new look which was in stark contrast to the film's previous release in 1956, it was almost as if the movie's identity had started anew, and "Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah" was blazoned as the main trigger to people who were still humming a 25-year-old song.


1972 Campaign Book. 12 pages of publicity stories, exploitation, advertising, and promotional items.

1973 Campaign Book pairing up the Aristocats with Song of the South as a double feature.

1972 Campaign Radio Spots (CR3277) - click to listen.

Cut #1: 55 Second Spot (952KB, MP3)
Cut #2: 55 Second Spot (956KB, MP3)
Cut #3: 25 Second Spot (484KB, MP3)
Cut #4: 25 Second Spot (480KB, MP3)
Cut #5: 15 Second Spot (320KB, MP3)
Cut #6: 10 Second Spot (172KB, MP3)

1973 Campaign Radio Spots (CR3384) - click to listen.

Cut #1: 60 Second Spot (935KB, MP3)

Cut #2: 30 Second Spot (475KB, MP3)

Cut #3: 20 Second Spot (315KB, MP3)

Cut #4: 10 Second Spot (167KB, MP3)



Uncle Remus Little Golden Book. Suggested original retail price: 29¢

Uncle Remus Stories Big Golden Book: 13 Walt Disney adaptations of Joel Chandler Harris' tales. Suggested original retail price: $1.00

Disneyland DQ-1205, All the Songs from Walt Disney's Uncle Remus, a 12" LP. Suggested original retail price: $1.98

Disneyland ST-3907, a 12" Storyteller album featuring the story and songs from the film plus a 12-page full-color book. Suggested original retail price: $3.98

Disneyland LLP-363, a 7" Little LP with 24-page full-color Read-Along book. Original suggested retail price: $0.98



Famous Disney Music Radio Contest.

ZIP-A-DEE-DOO-DAH — "Song of the South"
CHIM-CHIM CHEREE — "Mary Poppins"
WHALE OF A TALE — "20,000 Leagues Under The Sea"
SIAMESE CAT SONG — "Lady and the Tramp"
SUBSTITUTIARY LOCOMOTION — "Bedknobs and Broomsticks"
WHISTLE WHILE YOU WORK — "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs"
PASTURES GREEN — "Scandalous John"
CASTAWAY — "In Search of Castaways"
'BOUT TIME — "The One and Only Genuine, Original Family Band"

Use the above famous songs from Disney films as a basis for a radio or merchant tie-in and have a local disc jockey play or give the names of two of the songs each day. Contestants would be asked to deposit their answers in a drum at your theatre. This contest could also be used as a herald given away by merchants all over town.

Library Promotion. In "Song of the South" you have one of the most popular names in children's literature to use as a promotional spring board. Librarians will be delighted to work with you on exploitation to interest children in reading, and by the same token helping your boxoffice. Use your public libraries, school libraries, and book and stationery stores. Suggest the use of Joel Chandler Harris' classic tales for storytelling hours. Donate a story-teller album and provide theatrical display material (posters and stills).

Music Promotion. Promote Walt Disney's "Song of the South" with the melodic music and hilarious stories from this classic film represented on Disneyland Records. "Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah" and other songs from the film have become music classics, so they will be welcomed and enjoyed wherever they are played. The albums and tapes shown in this pressbook can be obtained for special promotional purposes by contacting your local Disneyland Record Distributor. You can play the music from this rollicking film in your theatre during intermissions or try to get play on a local radio station as part of the regular program schedule or inserted in a "golden oldie" section, which many stations use sometime during each week's air time. Set-up displays in record stores using posters and colorful stills from the film. Use the albums as prizes for your various contests and promotions. The tuneful albums from Disneyland/Vista Records will go a long way in pre-selling this classic Disney film.

Window/Counter Card. These full-color window cards will attract attention wherever they are placed. Work out tie-ins with local merchants and place a window card in every store in town. The artwork is the same as that which appears on the one sheet (see back page). Order now from your local National Screen Exchange and start your promotional campaign early for your most ZIP-A-DEE-DOO-DAH results ever.

Newspaper Contest. Use Ad Mat 204 from "Song of the South" and add a topper saying, "Name the Disney characters in this ad and deposit your correct answers in a drum in the theatre lobby." Give albums or other gifts as prizes.

Coloring Contest. (No description)

Portions © 1972 Walt Disney Productions. Reproduced with permission.

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