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November 21, 1986

Song of the South's 40th anniversary warranted a full release once again. For the first time, this movie was actually billed as "Walt Disney's Classic", bringing the movie to a new level. Suddenly the film was now geared more toward the adults who grew up with this classic. Disney relied on the parents of the new generation to be their exploitation, and it worked wonderfully: I was one of those fortunate children.


1986 Press Book. Since the 1980 release, ways of the theater had changed. Lobby cards and half sheets were no longer standard issue. This, combined with Song of the South's new "Classic" status, brought the film into a new light. This is the only release in the entire history of Song of the South that does not have a set campaign; instead, Buena Vista Distribution simply released a modest "Press Information" folder with three glossy black and white photos and a 30-page saddlestitched booklet with extensive information. Includes Credits, Production Information, an article on Combining Live Action and Animation, The Music, Joel Chandler Harris, About The Cast, Synopsis, and Notes.



Uncle Remus Little Golden Book. The last printing of this classic Golden Book was in 1986. All traces of dialect were removed for easier reading.

Uncle Remus Stories Giant Golden Book. This was also the last printing for this classic book. Amazingly, most of the original dialect remained intact.

Song of the South paperback book, published 1986. Adapted by Victoria Crenson. This book was intended for young readers, and contains the entire storyline for Song of the South, including pictures.

Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah sheet music published by the Walt Disney Music Company. Although there is no publishing date, this is believed to have been published starting in 1986.

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