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Mission Statement:

This informational web site was created in a labor of love to educate the public about Walt Disney's Academy Award-winning and controversial 1946 movie Song of the South. Whether people love or hate this movie, I believe that censorship is not the answer; Song of the South should be released so that the American public can make their own decisions about this historic film.


All material, images, and characters used and referenced within this web site relating to Song of the South are the property and copyright of Walt Disney Productions / The Walt Disney Company. This web site is not related to or endorsed by Disney (

The information and images within this web site appear legally as per the permissions expressed in Song of the South's press books to publications. This web site is an electronic publication.

This web site does not participate in or condone the selling of bootleg (illegal) copies of Song of the South in any format. Rather, through positive efforts, we strive to persuade Disney to release this film for Americans to legally own once and for all.

This web site does not claim to be 100% accurate. While I try my very best to only post information I believe to be accurate and true, it is possible, although unlikely, that information on this web site contains errors.

Copyright Information:

Website content and design Copyright © 1999- Christian E. Willis. All rights reserved. Replication and duplication of any kind is prohibited without express written permission from this web site's webmaster, Christian E. Willis.

Song of the South and related material Copyright © 1939- Walt Disney Productions / The Walt Disney Company.

Fan Art submissions remain the copyright of the artist.

Image and File Usage:

All images within this web site have originated from this web site unless otherwise noted, and most images are unique to this web site. Therefore, these images are not free domain. Permission must be given from this web site's webmaster before any images can be used. In addition, Disney copyrights still apply to all applicable images; the user assumes all responsibility for use.

Images that are incused with "" are unique to this web site. Such images, and any other images depicting memorabilia or collectibles, may not be reproduced or used in any way or by any method that is intended for or generates a profit. This includes online auction sites: such usage is also misleading, as it does not represent the actual item up for auction. Violators will be reported.

Images within this website that are elements of this site's design and/or identity may not be downloaded, replicated, referenced or otherwise used in any way.

Files ending in .txt, .mp3, and .wav may not be used or distributed outside of this web site. Midi files may be distributed freely.

Privacy Policy and Submission Agreements:

Any personal information that is supplied to me (the webmaster) through forms from this web site, such as your name and email address, will not be given out or sold to anyone or used for any other purpose than what is expressly intended on this web site. I respect others' privacy as much as my own.

Regarding Feedback: If you send me feedback through the feedback form, I reserve the right to post any or all of your feedback with credit to your first name and last initial, if provided. I will not post your email address or any other identifying information.

Regarding News Submissions: For news that is submitted, I may credit the name of the person who submitted it, unless that person specifically requests to remain anonymous.

Regarding Fan Art Submissions: By sending me fan art via email, the artist agrees to allow me to post any or all of the artwork (referred to hereafter as "image(s)") on this web site. I reserve the right not to post the image(s), to change the order in which they appear, and/or to remove any image(s) at any time if I feel it is necessary. I also reserve the right to: a) visually enhance the image(s), such as adjusting its contrast and/or levels; b) change the file format; c) resize the image; and d) crop excess white area(s). I will not, however, visually alter the content of the image(s) in any way. The image(s) remains the copyright of the artist.

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