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About - About me and my web site.
   • Site History - Shows this site's evolution from 1998 to present.
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions regarding Song of the South.
News - Recent and archived articles related to Song of the South.
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Community - A central hub for Song of the South fans.
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Records & Tapes - Disneyland, Capitol, Golden, Singles and Tapes, CDs
Books & Print - Disney, Golden, comics, magazines and periodicals
Publicity - Press/campaign books, brochures, ads, and publicity stills
Theater - Movie posters, lobby cards, theater decorations
Sheet Music - American, Canadian, British, Australian, Italian and Japanese
Toys & Games - Toys, figurines, puzzles, games, stuffed animals.
Visual Media - Super8 Film, VHS, Betamax, Laserdiscs
- Cards, stamps, pins, other collectibles
Wanted - A list of items I am looking to own, with rewards.
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The Movie   Splash Mountain

Overview - Basic overview information, synopsis of the film.
   • Defense - My defense of Song of the South.
   • Timeline - Timeline of Song of the South related events.
Background - Origins of Uncle Remus and his stories.
Characters - Info on all of the animated characters.
Biographies - Information on all the main live action characters.
Campaigns - Outline of all five release campaigns from 1946-1986.
Technical - Credits of cast and crew, and technical information.
Song Lyrics - Lyrics, alternate verses, and unreleased songs.
Script - Cutting continuity for Song of the South.
Photos - Live action, animated, ads and behind the scenes photos.
Audio Clips - Radio spots and transcriptions, MIDI files.
Video Clips - Theatrical trailers, ads and sing-along songs.
Trivia - Fun and obscure facts related to the movie.
   • Quiz - Users can take to test their knowledge.


  Facts & Trivia - Facts and trivia about Splash Mountain.
Video Clips - Clips of Splash Mountain and promotional videos.
Photos - Pictures of and related to Splash Mountain.
Music & Lyrics - The music and lyrics featured in the attraction.
Merchandise - Splash Mountain collectibles and merchandise.
- From its Ground Raising to today.

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