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Offered here is the actual cutting continuity script for Song of the South. Since each page was originally typed with a typewriter on legal size paper, I have manually re-input them into digital format to survive the test of time. In the interest of preservation, everything down to syntax errors and the exact monospacing have been reproduced.
Script Section Pages Footage Content Span
Reel 1, Section A 11 744-04 Leader and opening credits to John leaving the plantation.
Reel 1, Section B 10 829-07 Johnny runs away to Uncle Remus sitting him down for the first story.
Reel 2, Section A 15 888-12 Uncle Remus sings "Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah" to the end of "Running Away".
Reel 2, Section B 8 725-09 Johnny is dissuaded from leaving to Johnny and Toby going to mill pond.
Reel 3, Section A 10 905-09 Toby warns Johnny of bull to Uncle Remus warding off Favers.
Reel 3, Section B 15 968-14 "How Do You Do" to Brer Rabbit being caught in the Tar Baby trap.
Reel 4, Section A 11 803-13 Brer Rabbit about to be cooked to Favers demanding to see Miss Sally.
Reel 4, Section B 10 929-13 Favers boys speak to Sally to Remus, Ginny & Johnny at Mill Pond.
Reel 5, Section A 12 632-09 Uncle Remus tells Ginny and Johnny the Laughing Place story.
Reel 5, Section B 5 617-10 Uncle Remus forbidden from seeing Johnny to Johnny being hit by bull.
Reel 5, Section C 9 729-14 Johnny on his sick bed to Finale.
Total 116 8770-14  

Terminology In the actual script, there are some terms and abbreviations that may be unfamiliar to the reader. Shown below are the most common abbreviations with their meaning. These are accurate to the best of my knowledge.

LS - Long Shot

MLS - Medium Long Shot

ELS - Extreme Long Shot

CU - Close Up

MCU - Medium Close Up

ECU - Extreme Close Up

o.s. - Off Screen

b.g. - Background

f.g. - Foreground

sc. - Scene

DISS - Dissolve

MS - Medium Shot

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