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1910's A young Walt Disney is read the Uncle Remus stories by Joel Chandler Harris and is fascinated by the tales.
1944 November 30: Walt Disney Productions enters into a contract with Samuel Goldwyn Studios to begin filming for Uncle Remus.
1945 January 2: Filming begins for Uncle Remus.
1946 November 12: Song of the South's worldwide debut at the Fox Theater in Atlanta, Georgia at 8:30 PM.
1951 October: Song of the South (Nanbu No Uta) debuts in Japan.
1956 Song of the South is re-released in theaters through Buena Vista Pictures instead of RKO.
1970 Disney announces in Variety that Song of the South has been permanently retired.
1972 Song of the South is re-released in theaters, breaking box-office records.
1973 Song of the South is paired up with the Aristocats as a double feature, part of Disney's 50th anniversary.
1980 October 8: Song of the South is re-released in theaters.
1986 November 21: Song of the South is re-released in theaters for the final time.
1987 April 24: Ground-Raising for the original Splash Mountain in Disneyland begins.
1989 July 17: Splash Mountain, a ride based on Song of the South's animated sequences, opens in Disneyland.
1992 October 1: Splash Mountain opens in Walt Disney World.

October 2: Splash Mountain opens in Tokyo Disneyland.

1996 Song of the South celebrates its 50th anniversary, but the movie is nowhere to be found (in the U.S., that is.)
2006 Song of the South's 60th Anniversary. Still no DVD...
2008 August: Rumor that there will be a "sneak peek" for Song of the South on an upcoming DVD release of Sleeping Beauty (see related news article).
... ...
2041 Disney's copyright for Song of the South expires, making this classic public domain. (The Uncle Remus stories themselves are already public domain.)

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