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 Title  Broer Konijn en Mollie
 Year  1963
 Country  Netherlands
 Description  Dutch story book of Brer Rabbit and his crush on Molly Rabbit. Saddlestitch, 16 pages, black and white. A special thanks goes out to Piet Dirkx in the Netherlands for informing me of this book.
 Publisher  Amsterdam Boek
 Synopsis/Contents  The story book is broken up into three short stories. In the first story, Brer Rabbit falls head-over-heels the moment he sets eyes on Molly Rabbit. Molly becomes caught in one of Brer Wolf's traps and Brer Rabbit comes to rescue her from being Brer Wolf's next meal. In the second story, Vittorio Weasel tries to sell the town fake hair tonic. Brer Rabbit discovers the hoax and stops him. In the third story, Brer Rabbit helps Brer Buzzard work his cabbage patch. Brer Rabbit tries to steal his crop, but the plan backfires and Brer Buzzard ends up selling them while Brer Rabbit did all the work of pulling them out of the ground!


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