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 Title  Jeannot Lapin Sauve Sa Peau
 Year  1979
 Country  Canada
 Description  French Canadian printing of the story "Brer Rabbit Saves His Skin."
 Publisher  Random House
 Synopsis/Contents  Brer Rabbit gets stuck in a well and tricks Brer Fox into switching positions. He finds a hollow tree trunk full of bees and tells Brer Bear it's full of honey. He reaches in and gets chased away by bees. Later, Brer Bear and Fox fill a hole in the road with syrup to catch Brer Rabbit. He falls in and rolls around until he is covered with branches. They come back to get him and Brer Rabbit scares them off with the "disguise".
 ISBN  0-394-94159-4
 Notes  To date, this is the only Disney book that I've seen refer to Brer Rabbit as "Jeannot Lapin". Typically in French his name is "Bibi Lapin". Jeannot Lapin is another well-known rabbit, so it's possible this was a mistranslated typo and was fixed in later editions.


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