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 Title  Bibi Lapin et le Bébé Chocolat
 Year  1980
 Country  France
 Description  French printing of the story of Brer Rabbit and the Tar Baby (Chocolate Baby in this politically correct version). Staplebound, 24 pages, full color. Publié par les Éditions des Deux Coqs d'Or, Paris. Lot Nº 49-956 du 16 juillet 1949 sur les publications destinées à la jeunesse. Dépôt légal: 4e trimestre 1980 – Les Deux Coqs d'Or éditeur Nº 2/7409.6.80 – Imprimé en Italie (1).
 Publisher  Deux Coqs d'Or
 Synopsis/Contents  Brer Fox and Bear make a "baby" out of "chocolate" and stick him on the side of the road to catch Brer Rabbit. Brer Rabbit says hello but the tar baby doesn't reply. He ends up hitting the tar baby and gets stuck. When Brer Fox decides how to kill him, Brer Rabbit pleads not to be flung into the briar patch, which is what ends up happening, letting Brer Rabbit free, since that's where he was born and raised.


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