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 Title  Uncle Remus Stories
 Year  c.1962-1982
 Country  USA
 Description  Big or Giant Golden Book with second cover design (Brer Bear in a boat in the mill pond with Brer Rabbit caught on his fishing line). Cover art designed once again by the incomparable Mary Blair. This is one of the most popular and sought-after Uncle Remus books today. Printed for over 20 years, there is an abundance of these, but hard to find in excellent condition with the most common damage being to the binding.
 Publisher  Golden Press
 Synopsis/Contents  Foreword; Who Was Uncle Remus?; De Tar-Baby; Brer Terrapin's Tug-Of-War; Brer Bear An De Bag Full Of Turkeys; Doctor Rabbit Cures De King; Why De Cricket Fambly Lives In Chimbleys; Brer Rabbit Rides De Fox; Brer Fox An De Stolen Goobers; How Craney-Crow Kept His Head; Brer Fox, Brer Rabbit, An De Well; Brer Rabbit's Money Machine; Brer Rabbit An De Huckleberry Jam; De Wuller-De-Wust; De Moon In De Mill-Pond; Brer Rabbit Goes A-Milkin'; Brer Possum Plays Possum; Brer Rabbit An De Gizzard-Eater; De Whipme-Whopme Puddin'; King Lion At De Water-Hole; Judge Rabbit An Miss Grouse; Brer Rabbit's Laffin' Place; De Great Rabbit-Terrapin Race; Brer Bear Ketches Mr. Bull-Frog; Brer Rabbit Visits De Witch.
 Variations  This book was printed as both a Giant Golden Book (with 23 stories) as well as a Big Golden Book (with 13 or 14 stories.) The cover of this book went through many subtle changes (such as the Golden Book logo changing.)
 Original Price  13 Stories: $1.95
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