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 Title  A Kite Tail
 Year  1955
 Country  USA
 Description  Comic book published as a public service by the Southern California Edison Company to teach kite safety. 16 pages, four color.
 Publisher  Southern California Edison
 Synopsis/Contents  A kite-flying contest at the crossroads, mysteriously sponsored by a "Miss Anonymous", has all the critters scrambling to get kites. Brer Rabbit seeks the help of Brer Owl to make a kite, however he won't accept any more I.O.U.'s. Nearby, Missus Witch shows up and makes a kite for Brer Rabbit, free of charge. As it turns out, she is the "Miss Anonymous", and her intentions are to harm everyone by using kites because they don't know anything about kite safety. Luckily, Brer Owl is there to help out, foiling all of Missus Witch's evil schemes. Brer Owl hosts his own kite-flying contest, and hands all the tied winners with I.O.U.'s of his own. The comic ends with them writing the rules of kite safety on the I.O.U.'s and flying them on their kites.


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