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 Title  Uncle Remus ZIP! Bagatelle Marble Game
 Year  1947-1956
 Country  United States
 Description  Uncle Remus ZIP! bagatelle-style marble game, manufactured by Parker Brothers. Included instructions and seven marbles.
 Manufactured by  Parker Brothers
 Contents  IDEA OF THE GAME:

The idea of the game is to score the greatest number of points. The pictorial scene on the board represents the homes of the friends of Uncle Remus. The homes are marked with various scoring values. Bre'r Rabbit's home scores 45 points, while Mr. Turtle's home scores but 5 points.

To start the game, place the seven marbles on the slanted runway. Players now take turns snapping the metal lever saying ZIP!, until all 7 marbles have been released. If a marble comes back to the runway it should be snapped again.

Marbles landing in the Brier Patch at the bottom of the board are lost and do not count in the score. When all marbles have come to rest the scores are added and the player with the highest score wins.

Uncle Remus = 50 pts.
Bre'r Rabbit = 45 pts.
Bre'r Frog = 40 pts.
Tar Baby = 30 pts.
Bre'r Fox = 25 pts.
Mrs. Possum = 20 pts.
Bre'r Bear = 15 pts.
Butterfly = 10 pts.
Bre'r Turtle = 5 pts.
Skunky = -5 pts.
Zip! = Shoot Again
 Variations  The original game (as depicted on the box cover) mostly consists of wood and metal pieces, and has a very large Brier Patch at the bottom.

Later versions were made almost entirely of cardboard (presumably to cut down on manufacturing cost) and has a much smaller playing field. See photos of both.
 Notes  Hasbro actually has a PDF of the original game instructions available for download here.
 Original Price  $2.00


Original 1947 game board

Later production game board

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