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 Title  Song of the South
 Year  1956
 Country  USA, Canada
 Description  First Disney album containing about 36 minutes of the actual soundtrack to Song of the South, including instrumentals. Generally considered one of the more valuable Disney records, being the first soundtrack ever released on the Disneyland label.
 Record Label  Disneyland
 Number  WDL-4001
 Media  Record
 RPM  33 1/3
 Contents  Side 1: Song of the South, Uncle Remus Said, Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah, Ginny and Johnny, Who Wants To Live Like That, Let The Rain Pour Down; Side 2: How Do You Do, Sooner Or Later, Everybody Has A Laughing Place, Let The Rain Pour Down, Uncle Remus Leaves, All I Want, Finale.
 Variations  Record Label: The yellow label is the first pressing. Some yellow labels are also marked "Hansen Records" in an arc across the top of the label (Style 2). The red label is a later pressing (Style 3). Also released in Canada by Sparton Records (Style 4).

Album Cover: Canadian pressings by Sparton Records have "SPARTON" stamped on the cover in black in the upper right hand corner.
 Original Price  $4.98
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Style 1: Yellow Disneyland label

Style 2: Yellow Hansen Records label

Style 3: Later red Disneyland label

Style 4: Canadian Sparton Pressing

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