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How Do You Do?

Words and Music by Robert MacGimsey
Performed by James Baskett & Johnny Lee
(and other uncredited characters)
© 1944 Walt Disney Music Company

How do you do? Fine! A friendly greetin'.
How do you do? Say it when you're meetin'.
How do you do? With everyone repeatin':
Pretty good, sure as you're born.

What goes up is sure to come down,
Penny lost is a penny found,
I'll "howdy" you, you'll "howdy" back,
This for that an' tit for tat.

Chorus: How do you do?
Fine, how are you?
How you come on?
Pretty good, sure as you're born.

Uncle Remus:
Stop jumpin', Br'er Rabbit,
you'll run out of breath.
Why don't you sit down an' calm yourself?

Brer Rabbit:
Well the grasshopper jump,
and so do the flea.
I do what I like, and I suits me!

[Repeat Chorus]

Uncle Remus:
The weather's good, the fishin's fine.
Now what do you do with all your time?

Brer Rabbit:
Oh, I zigs and I zags, I to's and I fro's.
That's what you're askin'
and that's what you knows.

[Repeat Chorus]

Brer Frog:
Mind now, Br'er Rabbit, better mend your ways.
You's headin' for trouble one of these days.

Uncle Remus:
Warnin' that rabbit is wastin' your breath!

Brer Rabbit:
Don't worry about me;
I can take care of myself!

Disney Sing-Along:

     "How Do You Do?"
is available on VHS:
Disney Sing-Along Songs Volume 11

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