January 1, 2005
Song of the South Fan Art Contest Results

The results are in! The Song of the South Fan Art Contest turned out to be a great success, thanks to everyone who participated! There were a total of 11 submissions from 6 participants.

The submissions were primarily judged on creativity. Therefore, I am awarding the Grand Prize to Heather Little, age 17, whose creativity and artistic talents really impressed me in both her "Bring Back the Briar Patch" and "The Banks of the Catfish Bend" works. She will receive a Song of the South t-shirt of her choice plus a $20 gift certificate to Amazon.com.

Grand Prize Winner
"Bring Back The Briar Patch"
by Heather Little, Age 17

But I was also impressed with everyone else's work and creativity as well. So, I am giving everyone a $10 Amazon.com gift certificate to show my appreciation for your participation. Thank you! Uncle Walt would be proud of all of you.

Click on any of the images to view them larger.

"The Banks of the Catfish Bend"

by Heather Little, Age 17

"Brer Fox in Love"

by Kat Garcia, Age 23

"Brer Rabbit and Mr. Blue Bird"

by Patric Gaudino, Age 12

2 Entries

by Evan Garrett, Age 20

4 Entries

by Kyle Binette, Age 12

"The Brers on Splash Mountain"

by Robert Bergman, Age 9

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